Our travel agency

FranceTriptailor is all about a man who loves his country and wants to share it with others. FranceTriptailor originated from this desire.

The idea is simple: make it easy for foreign tourists to visit various regions in France, ensuring they have a great travelling experience that they can share during and after their trip. If you leave France satisfied, and if you go home loving the country just a little more, then FranceTriptailor will have achieved its goal.

Each itinerary has been thoroughly studied to ensure you optimize your time and visit the most beautiful regions in France while staying in quality accommodations. You, therefore, participate in the development of the regions, supporting local tourism by visiting cultural sites, staying in independent accommodations, and buying from local producers and storekeepers.

FranceTriptailor is aware that every itinerary can be improved and is attentive to suggestions and advice offered by internet users and customers. Please give us your suggestions. We will pay close attention to them !

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Your trip's craftsman

Jules, tourism professional for 10 years is available to answer all questions. Please contact me !

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Free phone application ! Get a real-time location on your itinerary !

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5 reasons to choose us

  • Optimize your stay on site.
  • Itineraries created and tested by a French tourism specialist.
  • An eco-friendly tour.
  • Only one contact person, available at all times and ready to assist you should any problems arise.
  • Service provided before and after your tour.