Terms and Conditions

FranceTriptailor established these terms and conditions with respect to its foreign travellers and the nature of its services. Booking a trip or itinerary is deemed unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Responsibility

The customer and FranceTriptailor are bound by sales terms and conditions once the booking contract is concluded. A booking contract is automatically established when the reservation process is completed and payment has posted to FranceTriptailor’s bank account. Triptailor’s responsibility is limited to the trip or itinerary booked and its organization.

FranceTriptailor is not responsible for the following events outside of its control:

-Failure on behalf of traveller to meet entry requirements for France: valid passport, visa, health documents

-Absence of a valid French driver’s license

-Failure to adhere to road rules

-Unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances such as strikes and social unrest, riots, climatic conditions, postal delays (when sending your documents) and transportation delays (airplane, train, bus). If any of these events cause a modification to your itinerary, or if you incur extra costs due to any of these events, FranceTriptailor is not liable for any compensation to traveller.

-Cancellation due to circumstances beyond FranceTriptailor’s control: terrorist attacks, natural disasters, closing of airspace, unforeseeable political changes.

-Loss or theft of baggage and/or documents or tickets.

2. Reservations, availability and contract

All reservations must be made on Triptailor’s website, www.francetriptailor.com.

A reservation is not considered confirmed when the first booking application is made. This is considered a reservation request.  Once your trip or itinerary is reserved, a confirmation e-mail is sent. If a trip or itinerary has to be modified due to lack of availability, the traveller has to agree to the changes before they are made. The reservation is then finalized and the payment is made by the traveller on our website. Only then is the booking contract concluded.

3. Payments, Refunds, Cancellations and Modifications


 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date, 50% of the total trip amount is due.

Less than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date, payment is due in full.

Payment is made exclusively on our website in euros. However, if requested by traveller, a money transfer can be made. Prices for each trip or itinerary are listed on our website. Customers must refer to these prices when booking. Prices are subject to change without notice. However, prices are final once booking is confirmed. An increase in price concerning any aspect of your trip will not affect the cost of your trip or itinerary if it has already been booked. 

Cancellation and Reimbursement

If you want to cancel your reservation, you must send a cancellation e-mail as soon as possible. No justification is needed to cancel a booking. However, a cancellation fee may apply. FranceTriptailor maintains penalty charges at a minimum in the interest of preserving a good business relationship with its customer. If your itinerary includes a domestic flight, after the ticket has been issued, it is not refundable, regardless of the cancellation date.

If you cancel:

-15 days prior to departure: no fee.
-Less than 15 days prior to departure: 100% fee of the total cost of trip.
-During your trip: 100% fee of total cost of trip.

4. Cancellation Insurance, Hospitalization and Repatriation

Cancellation Insurance

To avoid cancellation fees, in the event of a cancellation made less than 15 days before departure, FranceTriptailor offers cancellation insurance. It costs 60 euros per person and must be purchased when a reservation is made. With this insurance, trips can be cancelled at any time and for any reason without a fee. The customer receives full reimbursement, excluding airplane tickets if they have already been issued.


Triptailor is a French company and does not have the means to cover foreign customers for sanitary repatriation. The customer is therefore responsible for his or her eventual repatriation. FranceTriptailor strongly advises its customers to take out repatriation and medical insurance prior to their trip to France.


If hospitalization is necessary, any costs incurred are the customer’s responsibility. FranceTriptailor will not pay any of these costs.

5.Administrative and Sanitary Requirements

Entry requirements for France differ depending on nationality. Customers must ensure that they are fully informed of entry requirements for France, and meet those requirements prior to arrival. This is also true for driving in France. FranceTriptailor is not responsible if entry to France is declined by authorities.

6. Personal Information and Privacy

You have the right to change, rectify, or delete your personal information from FranceTriptailor’s data base.

7. Photografic ang textual Uses.

All reproduction and use of Photographs is strictly forbidden. All textual support belows to FranceTriptailor's intellectual property.  Offenders are liable to prosecution and "duplicate Content" will be systematically pursued.

8. Complaints

Complaints must be sent by e-mail as soon as your trip is completed, or once you return home. FranceTriptailor will then examine the complaint and provide a refund if applicable. In the case of a dispute, and if a friendly agreement is not reached, the matter is to be settled in French courts, in the jurisdiction of FranceTriptailor’s head offices.

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